Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising Management


Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising Management

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In ___ advertising, products that are forbidden from being advertised are promoted through another product of the same brand, using the brand image.

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Production Planning and Control function is crucial for ensuring efficiency and cost savings in

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Production is a part of which department?

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What is the full form of TRP in Media Industry?

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Which of the following is an essential aspect of Media Relations in PR?

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What is CPA?

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Developing ___ involves a series of decisions for planning, creating, delivering, and evaluating an advertising effort:

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What do critics of advertising say?

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What is the full form of TAM?

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How does PR contribute to building brand loyalty among customers?

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What is the term used for planned communication to inform the media and public about an organization’s news and updates?

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What is the term for a situation in which an organization’s reputation is at risk due to negative publicity or events?

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How does PR differ from advertising?

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Media Buyer is responsible for

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New Media is a term that refers to:

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What is the primary goal of Public Relations (PR)?

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Which PR function is responsible for handling and mitigating negative incidents and crises?

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Strategy of running campaign steadily with intermittent increase in advertising at certain intervals.

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___ is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas or products by an identified sponsor.

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What is the purpose of conducting a press conference in PR?

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Production power within an establishment depends on

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The right sequence of operation in the product planning and control processes is

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New media technologies can affect the proliferation of media products because:

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How can PR professionals manage negative comments or reviews on social media?

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It refers to the pattern of advertising timing, represented as plots on a yearly flow chart.

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It refers to a pattern of advertising in a media schedule.

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Which type of PR activity involves partnering with charitable organizations or community initiatives to enhance the organization’s reputation?

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Strategy, the creative idea, the advertising executions, and the media must work in concert for an ad to be truly ________.

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What is the term for media coverage that is not paid for or sponsored by the organization but is earned through positive news and stories?

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What is the term for promoting positive news and stories about an organization without directly paying for media coverage?

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In which fundamental concept of advertising does the advertiser develop the ad to meet specific objectives, carefully direct it to a certain audience, create its message to speak to that audience’s most important concerns, and run it in media that will reach its audience most effectively?

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What is the full form of BARC?

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What is the term for the process of creating and maintaining positive relationships with shareholders, investors, and financial institutions?

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What is the importance of ethics in Public Relations?

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Which is the oldest largest advertisement agency in India?

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New media technologies can affect the convergence of media products because:

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New media affects which of the following stages of production? Select all the correct answers.

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Which social media platform is widely used in PR to share news and updates?

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Which PR function involves managing relationships with bloggers and online influencers to promote the organization’s products or services?

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What does CSR stand for in the context of Public Relations?

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The main objective of the production planning and control is

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What is the full form of NCCS in Media Planning?

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The ________ is the ad’s central idea that grabs your attention and sticks in your memory.

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Media Planning helps to allocate

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Regulated the manufacturing to ensure a peaceful flow of material is an objective of

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What is the primary purpose of conducting a SWOT analysis in PR?

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___________ is the logic and planning behind the advertisement that gives it direction and focus.

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What is the term for a planned and coordinated effort to shape public opinion about a particular issue or topic?

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Which type of PR communication aims to improve relationships and understanding between an organization and its employees?

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How can PR professionals use storytelling to enhance their campaigns?

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Production Planning is necessary for

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RAM in Media Research stands for?

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What is the key purpose of conducting media interviews as part of PR efforts?

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New media technologies can affect the quality of productions because:

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Which of the following functions mentioned below of production planning and control are associated with the timetable of activities?

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Which PR activity involves monitoring media channels for mentions of the organization and its key executives?

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Which PR activity involves creating and organizing events to enhance the organization’s visibility and reputation?

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___ are the wordsmiths who do the wording of an advertisement.

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Which layout in the mentioned below list is suitable for the multi-product company bringing out batch manufacture?

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. What is the purpose of a crisis communication plan in PR?