Diploma in Wedding and Event Management


Diploma in Wedding and Event Management

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What is true about mechanics


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How can technology integration benefit restaurant management?

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What is the term for stage events and rallies which national and provincial parties hold to generate income for hotels, transportation, businesses, and restaurants?

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____________ are events that typically involve a general group session in a large auditorium, followed by committee meetings in small breakout rooms. They are usually held regularly, maybe annually, and occur for at least three days.

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.__________ are informal meetings involving face-to-face discussion. Participants share their knowledge and experiences in a particular field under the supervision of a discussion leader.

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Printed invitation cards do not contain:

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Budget is prepared for a…

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These kinds of events require two or more speakers and a moderator. People present their views on a particular subject, and the meeting is then opened for discussion among the speakers, who may also invite comments from the audience. What are they known as?

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What is the purpose of menu development in restaurant management?

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Formal typed (handwritten) letter addressed to a VIP must prominently contain:

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What does financial management in restaurant management involve?

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Budgetary control system facilitates centralized control with…

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A budget is tool which helps the management in planning and control of…

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What are the formal events where an individual expert addresses the audience sometimes followed by a question-and-answer session known as?

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_________ involve back-and-forth discussions on a particular issue. Usually led by panellists or presenters, and audience participation is expected and encouraged.

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The arrangement of one or more flowers on a stem is called__________

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How can restaurant managers improve vendor and supplier relations?

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Which of the flowers has a head inflorescence?

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A way of holding one meeting at several locations at the same time through the use of video or voice chat is known as__________.

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What are events limited to a select group of individuals called? Admission or entrance into these events is by membership or invitation.

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Invitations form an important part of society.

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Many departments in educational institutions are involved with these types of events. Annual events include orientation, career day, and convocation. There are also arranged concerts, guest speakers, and award receptions. What are they called?

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What does inventory management involve in a restaurant?

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What aspect of restaurant management focuses on maintaining high standards of cleanliness and food safety?

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What are the formal events where an individual expert addresses the audience, sometimes followed by a question-and-answer session known?

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What aspect of restaurant management involves monitoring the quality of food preparation and presentation?

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What are events which parades and flag-raising ceremonies, which follow strict rules of protocol, known as?

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.__________ are similar to conventions but usually deal with specific problems or developments rather than with general matters.

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Invitations can be:

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The type that specifies what kind of event occurred is ____________

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What aspect of restaurant management involves identifying opportunities for business growth?

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Wedding planning is an example of ________.

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Similar to conferences. What is a term commonly used in Europe to describe large international gatherings? Hint: It is similar to conferences.

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Budgetarycontrol helps the managementin…

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A budget is a plan of action expressed in…

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Which events have the most common goals of raising funds and increasing awareness of a particular group, cause, or destination?

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What are the organizations that organize events such as golf tournaments, wine receptions, auctions, luncheons, etc., known as?

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Why is staff recruitment and training important in restaurant management?

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time of pick-up of the VIP from his office/ residence

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This type of event makes up a large part of the private events industry. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthdays, and other family celebrations generate a significant amount of banquet and entertainment revenue. What are they called?

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Budgetary control system helps the management to eliminate…

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Inspiring the staff is a good reflection of which type of skill?

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Why is compliance and licensing important in restaurant management?

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Why is marketing and promotion important in restaurant management?

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____________is the second stage in the event planning process.

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Which flowers have a distinctive shape as it predominant feature?

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What does reservation and table management involve in restaurant management?

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What does restaurant management refer to?

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Budgetary control facilitates easy introduction of the…

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What aids in promoting events? Disneyland’s Main Street Electric Parade is an example of this.

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Fairs, festivals, and other similar events can be large or small. They can also have local or national appeal. For example, religious groups hold many events, ranging from religious retreats and sponsored trips to sacred cities. Concerts, theatre events, museum collections, and movie premieres are all types of these events. What are they called?

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What are the small group sessions held for a period of intense study or training called?

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Budgetary control provides a basis for…

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Corporations and associations hold events for their members to be on the same page, which are called __________.

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What does facility maintenance in restaurant management refer to?

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What are the sponsor events to introduce new products, reward outstanding performance, increase sales motivation, or simply to provide information known as?

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What is the primary responsibility of restaurant managers?

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Which is the object on which the event occurred or with which the event is associated?

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Budgetary control system acts as a friend, philosopher and guideto the…

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Budgetary control system defines the objectives and policies of the…