Diploma in Hospital Documentation & Records Management


Diploma in Hospital Documentation & Records Management

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As per WHO guidelines on hand hygiene, entire process of non-surgical hand washing should take how much time?

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Joint Comission surveyors review organization's

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The audit done by other than the treating team of doctors is known as _____________

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Which of the following test is not mandatory to be carried out on donated blood, as per Drugs and Cosmetics Act

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As per WHO surgical safety checklist, antibiotic prophylactic should be given within what time frame, when applicable?

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External environmental analysis typically includes

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Medical records are the property of

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For a patient who will be undergoing a surgery, marking of the surgical/invasive site should be done by whom?

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Dental department's monthly case review revealed 240 records meeting criteria and 150 records did not meet the criteria. In calculating the incidence rate, the denominator is

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Blood cells are manufactures in the _______

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Which of the given tool can be best used for ‘Risk Analysis’ in patient care functions?

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Meaningful quality process measures must be

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The following is the approach when implementing a National patient Safety Goal related to minimizing potential errors in a patient's care, treatment, and services?

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Regarding Meta-analysis, all the following statements are

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Health care practitioners can effeciently apply time management techniques through

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The leader of a quality improvement team needs to deal effectively with a conflict between two units, it is best to appoint which of the following to its membership?

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The relationship between patient satisfaction and hours per patient day on a GOB unit was found to be (r=0.70,p < 0.05). What is the correlation between these two values?

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The process of obtaining, verification, and assessment of the qualifications of a healthcare practitioner to provide patient care or services in a healthcare organization is known as

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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is performed

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What sampling technique involves selecting the medical record of every fifth patient undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)?

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The following are essential functions of an infection control program

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What is "iatrogenic illness"?

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Which one piece of information is the most usefull to describe the age of population that is served in an anticoagulation monitoring service clinic?

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Patient's personal, demographic and insurance information should occur during

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Of a quality improvement perspective, the most desirable state is when

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When a case manager wants to demonstrate length of stay data that depicts both common cause and special cause variation, which of the following should be used?

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Clinical pathways and guidelines in hospitals are primarily used to

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Medical Audit is to assess the ______________ of medical records

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The majority of medication errors in the hospital setting originate in which phase of the medication-use process?

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In evaluating "long waiting times," a healthcare quality professional best demonstrates components related to staffing, methods, measures, materials, and equipment utilizing a

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When evaluating the components of an existing medication utilization system, priority attention should be given to those steps that

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The best way to facilitate change within a healthcare organization is to

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Tho most effective way for a healthcare quality professional to communicate quality improvement activities to the medical staff is by

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________ are chemical substances produced in one part of the body that regulate the activities of certain organs or group of cells in other part of the body

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What is the characteristics of a “closed ICU”

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The following is non-modifiable risk factors for coronary heart disease

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Research, Quality Assessment and Quality Improvement

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What do you mean by good medical records?

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All of the following are key aspects of quality EXCEPT

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In accordance with FDA Categorization for Medications Safety in Pregnancy, which statement is true?

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The primary goal of risk management is to

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A 67 years old diabetic patient being taught how to self-administer insulin. Which of the following is the best method to assess this patient's understanding of the teaching?

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Computerized X-ray of layers of tissue is known as _________

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Quality improvement team outcomes are best evaluated by which of the following?

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Which one piece of information is the most usefull to describe the age of population that is served in a vaccination clinic?

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Normal blood pressure is

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Which of the following is a quantitative variable?

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The following are reasonable description of variation in process capability

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 Healthcare quality professionals can best communicate organizational values through

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As per CDC definition, an infection that occurs within _______________ days after the operation in skin and sub-cutaneous tissue, can be classified as superficial incisional surgical site infection

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The following represents an essential element to an effective quality council

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Spores of which bacteria is used in conducting biological indicator spore test in sterilization equipment in CSSD?

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A factor critical to the capital decision-making process is

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The patient has a right to get ________ of medical records

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Hospital mission statement

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A critically ill patient is admitted and requires a specialized procedure; however, the surgeon does not have privileges at the facility. Which of the following documents will be MOST helpful in identifying the course of action the hospital should take?

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For a community hospital, patient satisfaction scores demonstrate multiple areas needed for improvement including a need to improve attractiveness of the facility, responsiveness to patient needs, and physician and nursing communication. Based on these results, which of the following would the healthcare quality professional also will be expected to find?

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Which of the following is the most practical and mandatory element of the process of developing quality measures for use in the healthcare setting?

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As per Bio-Medical waste management rules, waste generated from disposable items such as tubing, bottles, catheters, urine bags etc. should be disposed off by

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As per NACO guideline, who can receive HIV test report of a patient, from the lab