Certificate in Investment Banking


Certificate in Investment Banking

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In restructuring of loan resolution frame 2.0 for individual borrowers and small businesses, the outstanding loan of these borrowers must be upto how much to avail the facility?

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Which of the following is a principle of TQM?

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What is the value of the firm usually based on?

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The debts which are to be repaid within a short period (a year or less) are referred to as,

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Which of the following defines the market to book value?

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What is TQM?

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Which of the following statements is not true?

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As per Securities and Exchange Board of India (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996, an application for registration of a mutual fund shall be made to the

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How much amount has been committed by Citibank to support COVID-19 relief measures in India?

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Gross profit is

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Leasing of machinery can be categorized as______

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Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks are examples of

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Which of the following is not an objective of financial planning?

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Mahesh Balasubramanian has been appointed as the new MD of which of these life insurance companies?

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Which of the following statements is not true?

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Name the process that enables the management to foresee the fund requirements, both the quantum as well as the timing.

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Which of the following is not important in financial planning?

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Net profit is calculated in which of the following account?

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Promotion of welfare of human by corporate is called as_______

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Shareholders wealth increases with the increase in ___

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Arrange the following steps involved in the process of financial planning in the correct sequence.

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According to UN Study, the Online share of retail sales jumps to how much percent amid lockdowns?

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. Which ‘pillar of TQM’ recognizes that product quality is a result of process quality?

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Who is the winner of the 2021 UNESCO/Guillermo Canoe World Press Freedom Prize?

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The assets that can be easily converted into cash within a short period, i.e., 1 year or less are known as

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Who is known as the father of TQM (Total Quality Management)?

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A Close ended mutual fund has a fixed

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It is essentially the preparation of a financial blueprint of an organisation’s future operations. Identify the related concept

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A company must adhere to the provisions of the Companies Act while taking the dividend decision. Identify the related factor of the dividend decision being mentioned in the above line.

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Security Dealer of a Mutual Fund