Certificate in Clinical Cosmetology


Certificate in Clinical Cosmetology

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Pimples that have a pus head are called

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Shampoo added to a remaining color formula to brighten hair color before rinsing is a

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To relax eyebrow tissue, saturate pledgets oe towel with

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A significant factor in the product selection used in the application of color is the client's hair

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Inflammation of the sebaceous glands characterized by red, flaky skin in the scalp and hairline is

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A nail supply that is placed under the free edge to form a nail enhancement is a

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Relaxers are often marketed and sold as no-mix-no-lye relaxers are

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The key to ensuring complete penetration of permanent wave solution on coarse hair is

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Lighteners that have a thicker consistency and give more control during scalp application are

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When attempting to color the unpigmented hair in a salt-and-pepper head, to ensure gray coverage, formulate the color

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The chemical process involving the difussion of natural color pigment or artifical color from the hair is

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Classification of cosmetic based on widely used body parts

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A commonly used epilator that removes hair from the bottom of the follicle is

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The difference in the strength of most chemical hair relaxers is determined by the concentration of

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Prior to sodium hydroxide relaxer retouch service, the hair should never be

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The procedure of applying individuasl eyelashes directly on the client's own lashes at the base is referred to as

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A dark band within the nail plate extending from the base to the free edge due to increased pigmentation is

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The purpose of conditioning agent on shampoo is

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Acne, or common pimples, is also known as

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To avoid contamination wax, the applicator used on each client should be inserted into the wax

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In the track-and-sew method of hair extension,the angle of the track determines

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Products used to massage, lubricate and moisturize skin are

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Parasited that under some conditions may cause infections to the feet and hands are

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Remaining wax residue can be safely removed from the skin with a gentle

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When applying mascara to a client, use a mascara wand that is

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The term used to measure the hydrogen ions in a solution that determine its alkalinity or acidity is

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A hair removal service should not be performed on clients taking a medication containing

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Long, coiled, polypeptide chains that make up approximately 97 percent of the hair's structure are

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The process of rearranging the basic structure of extremely curly hair into a straighter or smoother form is

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Pedicures are a basic part of hygiene and good