Certificate In Business Analysis


Certificate In Business Analysis

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In a joint stock company, the board of directors is elected by:

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The effect on sales of an increase in price is a decrease in:

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In which of the following business organisations there is separation of ownership andmanagement?

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Co-operative societies follow the principle of:

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Firms under perfectly competitive markets generally are:

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What does a bubble chart represent in data visualization?

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What makes Big Data analysis difficult to optimize?

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In a partnership form of organisation carrying on a banking business, the maximum numberofpartners allowed are:

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How many types of modelling topologies for message passing are used in SOMF?

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The new source of big data that will trigger a Big Data revolution in the years to come is:

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What is the primary purpose of storytelling in data visualization?

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Which of the following topology is useful for services that use broadcasting or multicastingservices?

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Which of the following topology has no orchestrator in the system?

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Which type of data visualization is suitable for showing the change in values over time?

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How can data visualization support data-driven decision-making?

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Which of the following provides information on service and service boundaries, service granularity, and asset analysis?

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Big data analysis does the following except:

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In a Joint Hindu Family System, a Karta has:

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What are the different features of Big Data Analytics?

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Basic assumptions of law of demand does not include:

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How does interactive data visualization benefit data analysis?

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When a firm doubles its inputs and finds that its output has more than doubled, this is known as:

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What is the best reason for involving a business analyst in Solution Evaluation tasks?

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Which of the following topology has a many-to-many relationship between services and their clients?

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Which business analysis technique allows the business analyst to leverage existingmaterials to analyse the current state of the enterprise relative to a business need?

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The examination of large amounts of data to see what patterns or other useful information can be found is known as

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What elicitation technique might best assist you in understanding the existing processesthat are being used in an online order entry system?

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According to the BACCM™, a business analyst may recommend a change either to asolution or to the_______to realize the potential value of a solution.

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……in economics means demand backed up by enough money to pay for the goodsdemanded:

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What four stages of team development (in the order they are experienced) would youexpect your new business analysis team to go through?