Certificate in beauty therapist


Certificate in beauty therapist

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What can be used by the nail technician to strengthen weak natural nails?

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A nonfoaming lotion that is designed to cleanse dry and sensitive skin types and to remove makeup is referred to as:

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The hair is composed of ………………………protein and it is also the primary component of finger and toe nails.

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When applying polish, which one of the following can be used to correct a smudge before applying more polish:

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Which hand massage product is best for a client with

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A condition the client has,or a treatment the client is undergoing, that might cause a negative side effect during the facial treatment is called a(n):

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Which of the following is a protein filament which grows from the follicles that found in the dermis or skin?

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.………………………………Type of hair develops on an unborn baby.

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Before beginning a skin analysis, you must have the client fill out a(n)_______________ questionnaire.

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Long,coiled,polypeptide chains that make up approximately 97 percent of the hair's structure are:

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What happens when two complementary colours are mixed together?

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A simple, quick stitch that can be used to secure the entire length of a weft to a track is the:

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What is the effect of cuticle cream

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Inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding the nail is called Pterygium

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What type of polish remover should be used if the client is wearing nail wraps?

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A correct permanent wave service alters only what bonds

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The hair texture that is likely to take longer to process is:

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In the track-and-sew method of hair extension,the angle of the track determines:

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The darkest primary colour is:

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How would you recognise severe psoriasis of the nail

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A product that is designed to lower the pH of the skin after cleansing and to help remove excess cleaning milk is:

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Select the massage movements that are used in a manicure and pedicure

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What is another name for monomer used in the application of acrylic nails?

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Where is the best place to base match?

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What are the three main types of bases?

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The term used to measure the hydrogen ions in a solution that determine its alkalinity or acidity is:

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What is a dual finish?

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Nail forms should be used when applying:

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The protein rich structure around the medulla of the hair that contains pigment is known as ………………

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When base matching, it is important to pay attention to what?