Assist nurse in grooming the patient


Assist nurse in grooming the patient

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The nursing assistant is caring for a resident whose hair has become very tangled. When a wide-tooth comb isn't able to remove the tangles, the nursing assistant

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When helping a patient with an intravenous (IV) line to dress, the nursing assistant would first

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Which person would be performing a task outside his or her scope of practice if he or she were to use nail clippers to trim a patient's or resident's toenails?

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A nursing assistant would soften a resident's nails before performing nail care by soaking the fingers for a

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Which one of the following observations provides clues to the patient's or resident's overall health?

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A resident who is dominantly right-handed has a sprained left arm. When replacing the resident's hospital gown, the nursing assistant works first with the side that is

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When bathing a patient, the nursing assistant will put on gloves

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Before styling the hair of a patient who wears a hearing aid, the nursing assistant will

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The nursing assistant will help a resident care for his or her glasses by

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In what direction would a nursing assistant shave a man's cheek?

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