Advance Diploma in Taxation and Evaluation


Advance Diploma in Taxation and Evaluation

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Long haul resources with practically no actual presence, in any case, are called to have a worth.

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For which of the following, Audit is optional?

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Out of the following, which of the capital receipt is not taxable?

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A number of checks and controls exercised in a business to ensure its efficient working is known as________.

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To figure out the worth of the end stock during the finish of the monetary year we.

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While calculating book profits under section 115 JB of Income-tax Act, 1961 which of the following is not to be deducted?

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Which of the following is not a requirement for the amalgamation of two companies?

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The receipt of goods must be entered in _________.

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For computing the Book Profit under section 115 JB, which of the following is not added back to the profits?

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Which of the following losses available after inter source set-off, cannot be set-off from income, in other heads in the same assessment year.

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Under section 54, in case if the new asset is transferred within of its purchase or construction, then its cost of acquisition shall be reduced by the amount of the capital gains exempted earlier for the purpose of computing capital gains on transfer of such new asset:

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Embezzlement of cash in a money lending business shall be treated as:

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Income accrued and received outside India is taxable in the hands of:

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Standard deduction for salaried tax payer for the assessment year 2020-2021:

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The resources that can be effectively changed over into cash inside a brief period, i.e., 1 year or less, are known as.

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Analysis of any financial Statement comprises.

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Which of the following incomes from house property is not exempted from tax?

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An audit which is compulsory by the law __________.

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Internal auditor is appointed by ________.

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The audit that is made compulsory under statute is called _________.

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Auditing begins where ______ ends.

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Which of the following is not a revenue receipt?

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This kind of audit is conducted generally between two annual audits ______.

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Provisions of Section 115JB are applicable in case of –

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A kind of audit conducted for a part of the accounting year is called _______.

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Right to enforce partition of H.U.F is available to:

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Management audit otherwise called as _______.

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Which of the following are not objectives of auditing?

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An Indian company having 30% voting power in a foreign company received a dividend of ₹ 10 lakh from the foreign company.The dividend so received by the Indian company is-

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Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks are instances of.

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Provisions of Section 115JC are not at all applicable to.

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Which of these best makes sense of fixed resources?

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Income-tax Act, 1961 distinguished a closely held company from a widely held company significantly from the viewpoint of:

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Income accrued and received outside India is taxable in the hands of:

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Audit done by the employees of the business undertaking is called _______.


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The obligations that are to be reimbursed inside a brief period (a year or less) are alluded to as.


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The number of years for which credit of MAT excess paid u/s 115JB can be carried forward is

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Providing more or less depreciation on assets is an example of ______.

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__________ is a systematic examination of the books and records or a business.

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Which is the charging section of income under the head profits and gains of business or profession?

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Following income of a resident and ordinarily resident is taxable in India, that is:

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How much surcharge is levied if total income of domestic company exceed Rs. 10 crore?

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Net benefit is determined in which of the accompanying record?

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Before the work of audit is commenced, the auditor plans out the whole of audit work is called _________.

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Provision for Income under head house property has been given under:

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Capital expenditure on scientific research which cannot be absorbed on account of insufficient of profit in any accounting year can be carried forward for:

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An Indian company's residential status is that it is always:

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Which of the following is not a kind of audit?

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Tax credit in respect of MAT paid as per Section 115IB will be allowed only in the previous year in which the tax payable on the total income at the normal rate is.

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Instruction of audit issued by controller and auditor general of India ________.

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The benefit of exemption under Section 54 is available to:

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Internal check is meant for ___________.

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Alternate minimum tax u/s 115JC is not applicable to.

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Any payment made to discharge a revenue liability, if refunded later on, shall be:

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____ is an agreement between a taxpayer and a taxing authority (Board) on an appropriate transfer pricing, methodology for fixing the arm's length price for a set of transactions over fixed period of time in future:

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A domestic company is taxable at 30%. However, tax rate is 25% if turnover or gross receipt of the company does not exceed:

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In order to be entitled to concessional rate of tax for dividend received from a foreign company, the Indian company should have the following minimum shareholding in such foreign company.

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Accounting gives information or data on.

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The charges of putting products into a saleable condition ought to be charged to.

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MAT credit in respect of excess taxes paid u/s 115JB can be carried forward for.