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Bhopal: Skill development scheme to be floated as

Bhopal: Kamal Nath led Congress government is about to launch its Yuva Swabhiman Yojana, promised in its Vachan Patra next week. In a smart move, the skill development schemes have been given a twist and funds that were going to training centers will now be made available to youth.

Two skill development programmes are running parallel in the state: one being of the union government in the name of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) and second run by the state government – Mukhya Mantri Kaushal Samvardhan Yojana (MKSY). Both these schemes were launched in state in 2017.

It is first year the skill development schemes took shape with a nominal budget but in its second year in 2018-19 Madhya Pradesh received about Rs 10 crores from the center for PMKVY while the MKSY of state had a budget of Rs 20 crores. Under these schemes, Rs 12,000 were given to a training center to train of one person.

The fund dispersal pattern was that 30% of the amount was dispersed at beginning of the training. 50% of the fund was given after passing of the candidate and remaining 20% after the placement of the candidate. The candidate seeking skill training used to get trained for an average 300 hours- that roughly translates into 4 months.

The proposal made for Yuva Swamibhan Yojana assures minimum employment of 100 days to youth on lines of MNREGA scheme meant for rural areas. The fund of Rs 12,000 allotted per person for training will now be distributed between the trainee and the skill provider. Major amount of this will be given to the trainee, confirmed sources.

Repackaging after scam

It needs to be mentioned here that several scams in this scheme had come to the fore and several training centers were blacklisted and closed. This was revealed in reply to a question in Lok Sabha. It was after expose of the scam in Lok Sabha that Congress masterminds redesigned the scheme and are now launching it from Madhya Pradesh. Sources indicate that this model could be replicated in other Congress ruled states as well.

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