Director's Message

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“We take pride in being the Nation’s Learning Partner in Skill Development"

The world is  changing, and  India is  renascent.  An already  recognized  world  player, the vision  of  our  nation being  rightfully  termed as  a  ‘Superpower’  is  very  much in sight. The road ahead for us, though  clear, is  not  yet  paved. There  exist  challenges, which we will have to overcome, to finally  stand  on  the  podium  and  claim greatness as ours.

Our greatest strength is also our  biggest weakness. The dichotomy of  having  a  large young workforce and yet our industries struggling  to  find  suitable  talent  is  much too obvious. This  lacuna  stretches  across  skill  and  education  levels. It  could   be   our biggest  challenge  yet.  This  is  the  space  where   SUREWIN  steps  in,   Already  an established and leading player in the corporate training scenario, SUREWIN has taken giant strides in the skill building business through our multi-pronged initiatives.

SUREWIN has training partnered the Sector Skill Council (set up under the  aegis  of  NSDC)  to  form  SUREWIN  India,  which  would skill 10 million people across all states by 2022. Beyond the SSC tie up, SUREWIN also works with a host of Government agencies on a variety of initiatives across the country. A majority of these initiatives target youth  from under-served  sections  of society and work towards mobilizing, training, employing and hence empowering them with a chance  towards  a  brighter future.

Besides, SUREWIN through its Skill Development Center provides students  with  an  opportunity  to  study  vocational  courses which comprise of deep integration modules within the industry of their  choice. A  certification of  being  job-ready along  with  a regular course degree enables the students to hit the ground running on the first day of their job.Apart from our newer initiatives, we are increasing the global foot-print of SUREWIN in the space that has long been our forte- Corporate Training Solutions. We now operate in all states & UT in India. The large scale of expansion  is  ready  evidence  that  SUREWIN  is  and  will  continue  providing the best quality training solutions tailor made to address specific  business  challenges  of  leading corporate. We  take  immense pride in being the learning partner to the nation, its people and its industry. A partnership that could just  be  integral  to India’s successes in the time to come.

- Rahul Sharma CEO & Director Training

“There are huge challenges in today’s global and highly competitive  markets  and  we have to ensure that you are ready for them.”

The mark of any Institute lies in the quality of values it delivers to  the rest of the world. These values must always be solid, professional and positive. That  is  what  you were looking for and that is why you have come to the right place.

So what makes  a  particular  Institute stand out  from  among  the  crowd ?  Top-class faculty and contemporary  teaching  methods aresome of the fundamentals that attract top-quality students like you and ensure  that  when you complete your  education, you earn the most rewarding jobs. This, quite  simply, is what  we  offer  at SUREWIN. And that is what sets us apart from the crowd. We have an enviable National network of faculty from across  all  states, and  we  continue  to add to that network. We leverage this linkage to create an environment that nurtures educators, enables  them to focus on  research  and promotes out-of-the box

delivery  systems.

There are huge challenges in today's global and highly competitive market and we have to ensure  that  you  are ready for them. As a Professor of Marketing, I can say  that  though  Kotler  has  amazing  insights  when it  comes  to  marketing, they  are only  theoretical concepts. And  so  in  addition  to  this you  will find  far more  practical  learning in the  curriculum. We  will  also  use  technology to sharpen and guide your knowledge creation towards creative directions.

When it comes to earning rewarding jobs, at SUREWIN we create a  talent  pool that the  corporate  world demands. We  spend time  with  the  corporate  world  to  customize  our  education to  their  needs  thus  creating  value  for  both  our  students  and  the corporates. And that  is  why  placements at SUREWIN have  been a  consistent  achievement. Every  academic  year  sees  not just traditional recruiters head for our campus but new companies  are also impressed with the talent we repeatedly produce. We have been perceptive to the changing times and constantly explore fresher avenues and invite innovative companies as well, thereby offering you a diverse number of rewarding job opportunities.

 - Meenakshi Sharma COO & Director Assessment